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How to train cats to use the litter box

How to train cats to use the litter box (Click here to buy the litter box that cats like to use)

Cats are not born to use litter boxes. For domestic cats, they can learn the knowledge of using litter boxes from their mothers when they are 1 month old. However, cats who have been stray in the wild for a long time are very familiar with litter boxes. The basin knows nothing. If you adopt a stray cat, then you will face the problem of teaching them to use the litter box.

First, you have to choose a litter box suitable for cats. For example, a litter box with a lower outer edge should be used for newly born small milk cats, which makes it easier for them to crawl in and out. Adult cats don't have to worry about this problem at all, and the owner can choose at will.

Second, cats are very hygienic animals. Therefore, do not put the litter box near their food bowl and water bowl, otherwise they will ignore the litter box and look for other places to solve the internal emergency.

Third, after bringing the cat home, you must first let them stay in the litter box to adapt to the environment in the litter box and feel the texture of the cat litter. You can also flip the litter with your fingers to show the cat to let them know that urine and feces can be buried here. Especially for kittens, you have to put them in the litter box every time they wake up and eat. Once you start using the litter box, you don’t have to worry about them going to other places to defecate. Up.

Fourth, after putting cats in the litter box, you'd better not stare at them all the time, so they will feel scared. You can pretend to ignore their presence, or go to other rooms, and the cat can relax and defecate with ease. In addition, you have to clean the litter box for your cat every day, because cats don't want to step into a dirty place with nowhere to go.

Finally, you need to be aware that you cannot punish the cat during the entire training process. Cats are very sensitive animals. They may only be punished once, and they will have unlimited fear of the litter box. Later, they will find places that they feel safe to defecate, such as your closet, under the bed, and so on. In order for cats to learn to use the litter box, you must have enough patience.


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