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Cat Toy 3 in 1 multi-functions crazy trackball toy

blue gray
pink purple
dark green

warranty  24-MONTH WARRANTY


Three play modes
Unleash the cat's hunting nature
Variety of changes, combination of playing, too excitement to stop
hola cat toy 3 play modes
Play mode 1: Obstacle Maze Mode

Put small snacks or toys between the obstacle boards, close the top cover, and take out the "prey" with the cat's extraordinary wisdom

people pet interaction
Upgrade the game with the cats
By setting different game difficulties, interact with cats, so that the cat can play for a long time without getting tired of it, and they will always feel fresh

hola cat toy play mode 1

Play mode 2: Crazy trackball mode

The bottom board of the toy is designed for double-sided use, with hole board mode on one side and track ball mode on the other side, so as to meet the diversified play needs of cats.

hola cat toy play mode 2
Play mode 3: Simulated hunting mode
A hook is reserved inside the toy top cover, which can hang all kinds of toys.
Play to heart's content and show the hunter's nature. instincts
Healthy and environmentally friendly material
hola cat toy play mode 3
Upgrade the game with cats
Bottom storage design
hola cat toy product info

product information:
Product Name: hola Cat Toy

Material: PP, TPE
Color: pink purple, blue gray, avocado green
Features: multiple play modes
Packing: single package
Product Size: 8.46*6.65*4.92inches
Package size: 9.05*7.28*5.51inches
Product weight (including packaging): 0.88lbs
Applicable object: cat