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IYPET Cat Litter Box, Cute Covered Litter Box Furniture

Dark Green

warranty  24-MONTH WARRANTY




The beautiful appearance and thoughtful design look more like a piece of exquisite furniture. No matter where you put it at home, it doesn't take up space.
Easier Handling of Cat Litter, Enclosed Design is more conducive to protecting the privacy of cats, Cat’s favorite litter box. The pull-out tray is easy to clean, Prevent Sand Leakage, Easy Assembly and Large Space, with Cat Litter Scoop.


Sophistication In A Box

The exquisite appearance, the pet's favorite semi-enclosed bathroom, allows pets to go to the bathroom with confidence and protects their privacy.

Wooden Feet Design
The design of the wooden legs allows the litter box to be off the ground, making it easier to clean. The addition of wood elements makes the litter box more concise.

Magnetic Design
The door of the dustbin is designed with two pairs of magnets. When the door is closed, it will automatically absorb and close easily.

Hidden Storage

A hidden storage room is designed above the door, which can be used to place garbage bags and small objects without occupying any place, which is very convenient.

Curved Sand Filter Aisle, Reducing Cat Litter From Being Brought Out.
When the cat walks out of the aisle after going to the toilet, the litter it carries will be filtered out through the aisle and returned to the litter box, thereby reducing the trouble of cleaning the floor.

Drawable Cat Litter Box, Making Shoveling Poop Easier.
When you need to clean the cat poop, you only need to gently pull out the tray, which is convenient for changing the litter and cleaning the litter box.

Occupying Less Space Specially Designed For Small-Sized Residence
Small and round appearance, placed in any place in the home does not occupy space.