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IYPET Cat Bed - 4 in 1 Cat nest usable in All Season

Moss Green

warranty  24-MONTH WARRANTY


4-in-1 Cat Nest | Multi-functions Comfortable Cat Nest

well-designed, which makes the cat's nest full of imagination.Small, comfortable, and aesthetic, all these in one cat nest. We know that cats sleep most of the day, and this amazing cat nest comes with features that will let your kitty stay comfortable throughout all the seasons. Regardless of the cold winter or hot summer, this is the kind of cat nest that every cat parent would want.

As a multi-functional variable cat house, “Fuku” can be used in more than fours ways, including open type, semi-closed type, cradle type through an innovative modular design with some auxiliary accessories, which not only satisfying the cat's nature and the curiosity of eager to explore new things, also increasing the interactive fun between the owner and the cat.

Mode 1: King Mode
A cat nest does not mean your cat would hide in another box again. The open concept design allows you to get a full view of how your cat sleeps and relax.

Mode 2: Retreat Mode
Base on the wrapping feeling that cats like, we design this cozy and comfortable space that cats love.

Mode 3: Four Seasons Mode
Keep Cool In Summer: In order to make the cat live comfortably in all four seasons, we design the hollow plastic cushions in the cat's nest with a capacity of 2000 ml water.
Stay Warm In Winter: Put cool ice water in summer or add hot water ( No exceed 140℉) in winter to keep your kitties more comfortable.
Mode 4: Cradle Mode
The swing mode is a simple feature that allows your cat to see things from a higher place. Your cat could relax in the swing anytime,or you can simply play with your pet there. We know that interacting with cat help the human relax, so the swing is the place where you can enjoy with your kitty.