F3 LED 2.8L Automatic Cat Feeder

warranty  60-DAY WARRANTY


2.8L Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder, Cat Feeder for Dry Food, Programmable Portion Control 1-6 Meals per Day & 10s Voice Recorder for Small / Medium Pets (2.8L)

* Support USB and DC/ Power Bank

* LED operation screen, easy to set up

* Visible food tank with scale, easy to observe the surplus food

* 304-Standard stainless steel food tray, easy to clean

* Time storage function: Feeding settings won't be lost when power off(7-15 days)

* One-piece design and rotary seal top cover design to lock all the fresh

* Specially design for cats,2.8L(more meals per day but less portions at each)

* Slant designed food tray, uneasy to block food

* You can record 10s of your personal voice to call your pets