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IYPET Portable Modern Luxury Foldable Cat Litter Box


warranty  24-MONTH WARRANTY




IYPET foldable cat litter box through the exclusive original design of the overall folding patent technology, the large space and small size of the cat litter box are effectively unified. It can not only realize small-sized portability and storage through folding, save space, but also can get a large space litter basin through unfolding. It is made of high-quality folding material with strong ductility. The body can be folded repeatedly and is not easily broken.

Quickly clean up cat litter. The cat litter box adopts a lifting design as a whole. The upper and lower covers are connected and fixed by a buckle lock, which is stable and reliable. It can be opened with one key to clean up cat litter, and the open type is more convenient for cleaning.

 Large space.Suitable for kittens and big cats within 22 lbs, Cats can use it from a young age to an adult, only one cat litter box is enough for a lifetime.

Anti-leakage sand design. The inner pedal steps are designed with hollow long holes, and the surface is densely covered with convex balls. When the cat comes out, all the cat litter will automatically fall into the litter box and will not be taken out of the box, making the room more tidy.

A deodorant box is reserved at the top. You can install deodorants according to your own needs. Through the principle of airflow rising, the odor is attracted and eliminated, and the indoor smell is fresher.

 Strong bearing capacity. High-quality materials with strong impact resistance are selected, and stainless steel bracket support is added inside, which is strong and firm and not easy to collapse.

The details of careful design. The entrance is equipped with a transparent baffle, which is convenient to check the capacity of cat litter and replace it in time. The base is equipped with a non-slip pad, the litter box will not slip away due to the cat shaking in it, and it is equipped with a durable and beautiful cat litter shovel.