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How to choose the most suitable litter box for your cat

How to choose a litter box for cats? Which one is better? You know when you read it.

The choice of litter box mainly depends on the actual needs of the shoveler himself and the cat. When the shoveler and the cat are satisfied, it is the best litter box that your family can use! Even the closed litter box can also be used by cats.

Classification of litter box

Cat litter boxes are generally divided into three types: open litter boxes, semi-enclosed litter boxes, and fully enclosed litter boxes.

Characteristics of various litter boxes

1. Open litter box


The characteristic of the open litter box is that it allows cats to get in and out easily.

Advantages: low price, easy access for cats, suitable for novice cats.

Disadvantages: The excrement can only be covered by cat litter, the odor is volatile and diffuse, and it is easy to bring out the cat litter.

There is also a risk in choosing an open litter box, that is, it is easy to overturn. Don't use too light, especially for heavier cats, It is not advisable to choose an open litter box, otherwise the following situation will occur.

2. Semi-enclosed litter box

The semi-enclosed litter box is characterized in that except for the opening for cats to enter and exit is not closed, other places are closed.

Advantages: The odor spread is much smaller, and it has a certain function of reducing the cat litter.

Disadvantages: The import and export will have a peculiar smell, and some cats will not find the import and export.

3. Fully enclosed litter box

The characteristic of the fully enclosed cat litter box is that on the basis of the semi-enclosed type, a cover is added to the inlet and outlet to form a closed space.

Advantages: Basically solve the diffusion of fecal smell.

Disadvantages: The price is too expensive, and the shoveler should clean the litter box more frequently, otherwise the cat will refuse to go to the toilet here. The cat may not find the entrance and not use it at first.


So is there a litter box that can make the  shoveler less worry about, but also make cats like it? The answer is yes.

That's this litter box: 



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